Pacific Radiology Fitout Von Tempsky Street

Designer: Totem Studio Architects
Construction: AHS Group
Location: Hamilton

Pacific Radiology requested AHS Group (AHS Construction) to both manage and construct a new fitout to their existing tenancy. This request was built upon our great relationship acquired over the last three years after completing multiple fitouts across the Waikato. The task involved the removal of their existing CT machine and fit a brand-new bigger machine. This came with its challenges such as, the room was located on the second floor of the building and the new machine was too large to fit through the doorways. Our team adapted and a new configuration of the tenancy layout was implemented which the architects provided – Totem Studio Architects.

All works were completed above a private surgical hospital which required our working areas to be completely dust free, and constantly cleaned to prevent any risk of exposure of infections to the private hospital below.