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FAQ’s – Have you got some questions?
Check out the most commonly asked questions we get at AHS Group.
If they haven’t been answered please contact us so we can help.

FAQ’s – Have you got some questions?

Check out the most common questions we get here at AHS Group.

If they haven’t been answered please contact us so we can help!

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Modular Residential

Can I customise my home?2022-04-01T11:04:44+12:00

Yes – our modular plans provide a starting point but all AHS modulars are completely customisable. Contact our team to discuss the possibilities.

Can I have a two-storey home?2021-11-02T14:10:56+12:00

It’s possible for us to build two-storey homes but they require a completely new design, which may come with an additional cost.

Can I use my own electrician, painter or plumber?2022-03-24T12:57:34+12:00

Yes you can! Please let our team know during the consultation and planning stages of your build so we factor in your preferred suppliers. However, if you’d rather leave it to us, we offer a full team of industry experts to get the job done.

Can we place a family home module on a basement garage?2021-11-02T14:10:24+12:00

Yes our module is designed to sit on a basement structure, which may incur an additional engineers fee.

Bespoke Residential

What is the process?2022-04-01T11:21:38+12:00

Each and every bespoke build is different: the site location, your proposed plans and ideas etc. Our team work through the stages: enquiry, planning and concept floorplan, concept design, concept development and contract. This allows us to get complete information and to price accurately, it also helps you work through all options so you don’t compromise quality. Contact our team today to get the conversation started about getting your new home build underway.

What happens if there are delays?2022-03-02T08:24:58+12:00

Here at AHS Group we have a management team dedicated to overseeing your project and making sure everything is on time and running as planned. However as we have all experienced in recent times, some things are completely out of our control and yours. While most kiwi companies have adapted and are trying to plan well in advance, there are sometimes curveballs. AHS Group plan ahead with our suppliers and we will keep you completely up to date should we be affected by any delays.

Do you design and build?2022-04-01T10:45:15+12:00

Yes we can. We have a full in-house design team ready to work with you to collate your ideas and convert these into plans. We are lucky to provide the full service from the design & plans all the way through to the build and handover of your home. It makes it easy for you, dealing with one team throughout the entire process. An experienced team who can achieve design outcomes and construct a high quality home. Contact us to arrange a consultation with our team.

I already have plans – can you price these?2022-04-01T11:03:49+12:00

Yes we can. If you already have plans, we can quote the construction of your home based on the working drawings. We can help you at any stage of your design process. Contact us to arrange a consultation with our team.

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